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About : This is a website of CVS Health Company which is present in the United States of America. This website is very useful for the employees who are working in the CVS Health Company and also for the former employees. In simple words, we can say  MyCVSHr Login Hewitt is  a human resource portal which was started especially for the Benefits of CVS Health employees. Only CVS employees can have access to this site. Currently, 2.5 Lakhs of employees are working in CVS Health.

So most of the people will open the official website of myhr cvs for sure. Other than CVS employees others can not access this website. This site will have information and access about many things. For example we can say that they can access to benefits management, payroll details, tax forms and others. This site has great security features. With those features, it is so secure for the employees while accessing it.

CVS Health
CVS Health

Precautions to open

Before you open CVS Employee Login website we will give you some necessary precautions. Please follow them for your safety.

  • Before opening this website, make sure whether you are using advanced web browser or not.
  • Because advanced web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape navigator, Opera provides best security features. So there will be very less chances for others to access your account.
  • Please do not open other websites. Open and use only the official website.
  • It is requested not to open your account from the systems which are used in the public as the systems which used in the public are not safe to use.

How to Login to

The following are steps to follow for logging into your account.

  1. After opening the official website of Myhr Cvs, You will get the home page displayed.
    There will be 2 sections in the website.
  2. One is for the former employees. i.e., who worked in the company earlier.
  3. The other is for the current employees who are working in the company right now.
  4. The Current CVS Health and MinuteClinic Colleagues can login from the left side panel of the website and former employees who are worked earlier in CVS Health and MinuteClinic can login into through the right side panel of the website.
  5. If you forget the user id or password also no problem. You can recover anything through this website. There you can see an option in the right side called ‘help’.
  6. Go to that section. If you go that section you can understand all the things clearly.
  7. There will be a clear explanation about the process to follow according to your problem.

Important information of MyCVSHr Login Hewitt:

If you know the id but you have forgot the password. You can simply go to the forget password and follow the simple steps then to recover your password or to create your new password. So that you can login into your account once again. Coming to the user id, each member has an unique user id. This will help in protecting the confidentiality of the employees Social Security Number. You can create this user id by your own and you are responsible for protecting your user id and password.

You need to take the help of password hint to recover your password if you forget that. If you forget the password, you need to answer the security questions. You can answer 3 security questions. These questions are set yourself previously. You must answer them correctly to create a new password. Otherwise you can not create new password. If you have entered the correct user id and correct password and if your account still does not open, you can call to myHR Service Center.

Help Center of website:

The number of myHR Service Help Center is 888-694-7287. You can not call them at any time. You must call them at a specific time. This help center will work only between 8 am to 4 pm of the central time. This myHR Service Center will work only from Monday to Friday. During the Saturday and Sunday myHR Service Center will not work. If the members who are staying out of USA need to contact the benefits representative, you can call to +1 312-291-5999.

When to call CVS Customer Service:

The timings of this numbers are also same as mentioned above just now. If you want to give feedback related about the site you can give just by going to the feedback section which is available in the bottom right side corner or top right side corner of the website in the homepage. They will receive your feed back and will give reply to your queries if needed. They will consider your suggestions for sure.